Our Advantages

Product Traceability

Product traceability is the ability to track a product during the supply chain process. From the supplier to the client Unifood can track the products origin up to its final destination, through its state of the art IT system. We, as well as our clients, believe traceability is vital to ensure client satisfaction.

Customer Service

Unifood takes pride in its prompt customer service. We have a wide range of high quality products, in addition to preeminent product availability. Our clients appreciate what we can offer them. Our competent staff is always available to help with any inquiries regarding our products and prices.

Wide Variety of Products

When a client is searching for any type of product Unifood is pleased to offer them a wide variety of high quality products either fresh or frozen.

GS1 Canada

Noble Chef’s products have been GS1 Canada certified, which enables our clients to have a full specification of the product at the click of a mouse. It is a great way to ensure the client is properly informed about the product before purchasing.